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The Philco Phorum is a family-friendly place for the discussion of Philco radios and related items. Additional content, downloads, and much more are available to you when you create an account and sign up as a member. It's free - sign up today!


Philco Gallery


The Philco Gallery is a complete visual history of Philco home radios built in the United States from 1928 through 1960. Learn details about price, production numbers, and much more. Downloads such as period ads and catalogs are also available for free!


Philco Cabinets

& Accessories is also the host for Steve Davis' fine reproduction Philco cabinets, cabinet parts, and accessories. Steve makes excellent quality cabinets and parts, all hand crafted in the USA. Complete ordering information may be found here.


DIY Photofinish

Archived Site

Patrick Franzis and Stewart Schooley's DIY Photofinish site is archived here on Learn how to repair and reproduce the finish of sets that use a photo-based (paper) technique for giving the appearance of fancier real wood veneer.

About officially opened on Labor Day 2000.
This website traces its history back to a small site hosted on a local ISP in 1997 (remember when ISPs offered web pages to their customers?). It soon moved to another host.
During those first few years the predecessor to did not have very much Philco information.
The site continued to grow until 2000 when was established, focusing on vintage Philco radios and related items. It grew exponentially over the next decade and a half.
The Philco Phorum began on September 27, 2005. Like, it experienced rapid growth until its membership numbered in the thousands.
In July 2016, the website merged with the Philco Phorum to create a combination of a popular online forum and the largest online repository of information on the Web devoted to the history of Philco radio products.