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How to Contact Ron

Feel free to let me know what you think about this web site. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. While I do read every message, due to severe constraints on my time I regret that it is no longer possible for me to answer every message I receive.

Before we go to the contact form, let's take a moment to answer my most often asked questions.

Can you give me information on my radio?

Sorry, no, I can not answer such a vague request. I need to know specifically what kind of information you seek.

Can you tell me the value of my radio or what it is worth?

I am sorry, but I am unable to answer questions asking "what is my radio worth" and "what is the value of my radio." I suggest you purchase an antique radio price guide; you can find one such guide here. Alternatively, you may also look at this page on Phil Nelson's excellent website for a discussion on antique radio pricing.

I need a certain part, tube, needle, etc. for my radio. Can you help me?

For whatever radio part you may need, please take a look at this site's Resources Page. You will find a number of parts vendors on these pages. I should add at this point that I do not sell radio parts, nor do I have any radio parts or tubes for sale!

I have a newer Philco Music System, Philco record player, Philco CD player, etc. I need help with it; it does not work; etc. Can you help me with it?

I regret that I cannot help you with the modern Philco Music Systems such as the AM/FM/CD players or the modern Philco brand record players. Please contact Polyconcept for information about these units.

Can you recommend someone in my area to restore my radio?

We have some excellent firms which offer radio restoration services listed in our Resources pages. Most if not all of these firms ask you to ship your radio to them for repair; upon completion and payment, the radio is shipped back to you. If you really want someone in your community to perform the work, you may need to do a Web search for "antique radio repair." A number of people are performing this service, but bear in mind that not every city and town has one close by. The days of the neighborhood radio-TV repair shop are mostly gone with the advent of computers and HDTV which have become "disposable" items.

A note to Earthlink users: It is very frustrating to reply to your e-mail and then receive a message asking that a form be filled out so that we can be added to your list of approved senders. These form messages are immediately deleted, unanswered. I suggest you contact us from a web-based e-mail provider such as Yahoo, Gmail or if you don't want to receive any e-mail at your Earthlink e-mail address. So if you send mail from an Earthlink address and do not receive a you know why.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: If you want me to identify a Philco radio for you, you may attach a photo of the radio to your message below (max. 2 MB)!

We dislike spam as much as you do. Your E-mail address will never be given or sold to anyone else by us. Never has been, never will be. It is required only to be able to answer your inquiry; for without it, we are unable to answer you. Thank you.

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