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The website is in the process of merging with the Philco Phorum!

Yes, many of the articles, tech tips, etc. that you are used to seeing here have moved to a new home - the Philco Phorum. More will be moved in the coming weeks.

The purpose of this is to place emphasis on the Phorum as the go-to source for Philco information. It enables discussion of the tech tips and articles along with comments, etc. by Philco Phorum members - something which was not possible with the website format.

Much of this information will only be available to Philco Phorum members.

So don't miss out...join the Phorum today! It's easy, and it's FREE! Just go here to sign up.

Stewart Schooley's do-it-yourself photofinish repair techniques is a valuable and important part of this website, and will remain in its present location so you do not need to change your bookmarks. It may be seen here. You can also find this portion of our site on the navigation bar above under Photofinishes.


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