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1931 Philco Model 90A Treasure Trove of Information

The purpose of this website is to document all Philco home radios manufactured between 1928, the year Philco began to manufacture radios, and 1960, which is the year before Philco nearly collapsed and was bought out by the Ford Motor Company. (The Philco trademark is now owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.) You will find the most comprehensive history of Philco ever presented anywhere on this site, written by the man who has admired, studied, and researched Philco for over 23 years - Ron Ramirez, who is the principal author of the 1993 book Philco Radio: 1928-1942 (which also includes a chapter written by 1928 Philco expert Michael Prosise). The History of Philco in this website is much more comprehensive than that found in the book, and includes many historic photographs which are not available elsewhere.

Looking for Information?What would you like to know about old Philco Radios?

Whatever it is, you will probably find it here! The Knowledge Base contains everything you could possibly want to know about Philco. It incorporates a comprehensive photo gallery of Philco home radios, with concise information on each model including original selling prices and production figures (where available); identification, age, and value guides; service tips including the Tech Section for those persons who enjoy repairing and restoring their own vintage radios and the Restoration Notebook, which includes a number of articles on restoring specific sets; schematic diagrams; a set index; and a section on Philco auto radios.

Stewart Schooley's do-it-yourself photofinish repair techniques are also hosted by, and may be seen here. You can also find this portion of our site on the navigation bar above under Knowledge Base > Photofinishes.

Famous for Quality the World OverPhilco Worldwide

A special section on Philco radios sold and/or manufactured outside the USA. Here, you will find photo galleries and information about Philco sets in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other areas.

The Tropics - Philco-Tropic RadiosThe Tropics

NEW! A special section on Philco Tropic radios built in the USA and exported to Central and South America and other tropical regions of the world. These Tropic models often have many more shortwave bands than the average Philco set sold in the USA, and most have radically different styling as well. While these Tropic sets are mostly still within the regions of Central and South America, some have made their way back to the USA. You will find this new section on the navigation bar above under Outside the USA >The Tropics.

At the WorkbenchWhere can I find parts for my vintage Philco radio?

This question is asked more often than any other. There is an easy answer to this question, however - simply take a look at this site's Resources pages. On these pages you will find a number of vendors, both individuals and businesses, who can supply almost anything you may need to make your vintage Philco perform like new. This includes tubes, wire, knobs, dial scales, escutcheons, pilot lamps, phonograph styli and accessories, various hard to find parts and accessories, even up to and including new reproduction cabinets for your Philco radio chassis! And they are all at your fingertips on two pages. One is indexed in alphabetical order by vendor; the other is indexed in order of product or service offered. Check it out!

The original Philco BookBooks and More

If you are looking for books about the vintage radio hobby, you will find a number of titles in the Bookstore, which is presented in conjunction with Also see our links to other sites and a comprehensive Site Map. And if you still can't find what you are looking for, you can use the Search box which is at the upper right corner of every page on this site!


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