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In this section of the website, I wish to present a number of pages chronicling detailed restorations of various Philco radio models.

These pages tell the stories of how I, and sometimes others, restored certain Philco models. One page tells how a friend of mine carefully reconstructed a Plaskon cabinet which was thought to be damaged beyond repair. Two others show how I installed an improved oscillator circuit to give the radios better performance. Yet another illustrates the difficult task of replacing an on-off switch in a 1941 Philco with a new part to give it a stock look. Some of these stories involve restoring a radio back to stock specifications. But in a couple of instances (such as the Super 71, and the Super 89), these involve modifications from original specifications. Some purists may cringe at the thought of modifying an old set. But when you see that the two sets which were modified were very poor "rust bucket" chassis to begin with, I felt that to modify them in the manner presented herein was better than stripping the chassis for parts and then merely tossing the old rusted chassis.

More pages will be added to this section as time allows.