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Full Version: Radio Mystery
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I purchased a 1948 International KB 1 pickup truck that has what I believe to be a philco radio in the dash. Attached is a picture of the control unit, I do not have the main unit. I would like to restore the truck to exactly how it was. What is the model of this unit? Does anyone have a picture of the correct main unit that would have been used with this control unit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can't answer your question but hopefully someone else might be able to.

update:  for what its worth, that control panel sure is similar (though not identical) to the  Philco CT-11 car radio that went into 1936 Chryslers (according to Ron's chart).  The link is to a current ebay item just for reference.  I would bet that the radio was an add-on and might not be a 1948 radio (just guessing though).  

update#2:  the other item that seems to pop on 1947 International Truck up when you google around is Philco's UN6 100 radio which is not like your photo at all. 
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I think all the radios for international were aftermarket. My truck also has a mopar heater so it might be possible that the radio was supplied by the same dealer. The CT-11 looks very similar but i think it is upside down based on here the needle is.

  I believe that removing the head unit from the dash would probably answer a few questions, like who made the unit and whether someone drilled and cut holes in the dash to fit it in there. The other radio linked to on fleabay isn't an I.H factory radio either, it's a generic aftermarket under dash unit, such units were marketed by many radio manufacturers to fit into older cars or trucks, some were self contained and others were two piece with the tuner in one box and the amplifier, speaker, and power supply in another box.
Through further research I believe my truck was equipped with a Philco C-1452 or one very similar because of the mounting bracket on the firewall that allows the radio to be hung from. If anyone can provide me with more information or a location of one of these radios for sale it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you