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capacitor voltages - fenbach - 01-07-2018

does the site have a list of voltages for philco caps from car radios from the 30s? I seem to remember a list but, of course, can't find it now. or some other site?
in particular, i'd like to know the voltages for the caps in cans, part nos. 30-4374 and 30-4478 in model nos. FT-9, F-1440 and F-1442 from 1936 and 1937 Fords.

RE: capacitor voltages - klondike98 - 01-07-2018

Welcome to the Phorum!

I moved your thread up to the car radio section.

RE: capacitor voltages - Ron Ramirez - 01-07-2018


This might be what you're looking for?

RE: capacitor voltages - fenbach - 01-07-2018

bob and ron,
thank you both. unfortunately, tho, the archive page link to metal condensers doesn't list the ones from car radios. I have "gotten away with" 630 volt replacement caps. and doubt that it matters much except for caps on the plates. even so, I'm curious. I did find one other list of capacitor values but still none from my car radios.

RE: capacitor voltages - Phlogiston - 01-07-2018

The only caps you really have to worry about are the ones on the vibrator supply that take punishment from the collapsing coil field. Those are likely mica but still fail. Need to be about 1KV.