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Model ID, 70, 90 ? - robark - 01-08-2018

New member with post name “robark”. Real name Robert Barker, I generally go by Bob.

I have been collecting for 74 years and have a large collection from crystal sets, many battery radios, Grebe Synchrophase (3), AK breadboards (3 or 4), Radiolas IV, 20, 35, some Philcos, and much more. My first radio was a one tube set I built myself that ran on flashlight batteries and used a 6G6 tube. I live in Stamford, CT and would be pleased to meet with collectors from anywhere. An open invitation to all radio fans.

My immediate problem is the identification of a Philco chassis that looks like it might be a 70 or 90 but doesn’t seem to be either. The tube compliment is as follows.
24 56 24 24 56 56 56 47 80. At least, those are the tubes I found plugged into the set. No labels anywhere. I need a schematic but can’t find a model with this tube setup. Any help would be appreciated.

 I also have 2 or 3 junked Philco 60’s. If anyone needs a part from one of them they can have it, free, of course.

RE: Model ID, 70, 90 ? - Ron Ramirez - 01-08-2018

Hello Bob, and welcome.

You must have a 90 since it has nine tubes. The 56 is a substitute for a 27, and it appears to me that someone substituted 56s for every 27 in your set.

Most likely this schematic will match your set:

Good luck.

RE: Model ID, 70, 90 ? - robark - 01-08-2018

Thanks a bunch. That will help me a lot.

RE: Model ID, 70, 90 ? - klondike98 - 01-08-2018

Welcome to the Phorum!

RE: Model ID, 70, 90 ? - Radioroslyn - 01-08-2018

Hi Bob and welcome!