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90X Speaker question - patrician56 - 01-08-2018

[attachment=15279]Hi, Yet another newbie here.

I received a very clean 90X ( 2 type 47 push pull output tubes model) from the family that purchased it new in Bridgeport, CT in 1932. 
I am in the "getting to know you" phase  with this radio and noticed that the field coil on the speaker seem to be loose. I can move the coil 1/8" front to back and it will slightly twist around the armature. 
This aroused my "I know enough to make me dangerous" gene which brought me to the forum to ask if the field coil was cemented or perhaps wedged in place? I don't think that loose is correct.
Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance, 

RE: 90X Speaker question - klondike98 - 01-08-2018

Can't answer your question but

Welcome to the Phorum!

RE: 90X Speaker question - morzh - 01-08-2018

I don't think it's a problem.

RE: 90X Speaker question - Jayce - 01-08-2018

I've had speakers like that myself that seem to work fine. If it works ok, just leave it alone. Icon_smile

RE: 90X Speaker question - Ron Ramirez - 01-09-2018

I've noticed that a lot of the older Philco speakers have field coils that appear to be loose.

As Mike and Jayce said, leave it alone, it's likely OK as long as it isn't shorted to the frame.

RE: 90X Speaker question - patrician56 - 01-09-2018

Thanks Bob!

RE: 90X Speaker question - patrician56 - 01-09-2018

Thanks for the replies.
I will leave it alone.