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I need to identify this radio!
    I need to identify this radio! I searched all databases and can not find it. It has a number behind: 444632    

Note: This was moved to Other Radios Thread.
Can you supply a photo of the rear, maybe a Detrola? Need to see more, any labels inside, any numbers or addresses on the chassis?

I'm not sure what it is but it was highly unlikely that it left the factory with a set of Dakaware knobs like it has now. The magic eye looks either like someone added it or that it lost an escutcheon, the hole looks too large for a factory job. It also looks like the top was broken off the cabinet, the lines of the inlay don't line up.
Looks like one of the Chicago Independent manufacturers. Plant A, Clinton, Climax, et al.
Id say a Plant A set as well but they could have had any number of tags on them.
Nice radio. The knobs could be found, or at least similar ones.
Yeah on the knobs. Looking at Paul's example and other Plant A radios may be a set of bullet knobs would work. Trim ring..simple for the eyetube.
Many of the Plant A or Mystery Chicago radios get a bad rap and are tagged (by some guys) as Drugstore Radios etc. but for me and others they are often really interesting and nicely designed radios. Ive become convinced over the years that a lot of those Chicago radios were made by the same hands but tagged as anything from Climax...Silver and a long list of others. Id have a hard time calling this a "Drugstore Radio" as if its somehow "less than"
Yeah.....imagine selling a radio called "Climax" somewhere in Russia. Where this word has another meaning.

(A hint: this meaning also exists in English but is unknown to vast majority of Americans, and is not even listed in every dictionary. But in Webster it does exist:

Look up the meaning 2.d



Now knowing this would you buy it?
Exray has it correct, it is Plant A. A view of the back chassis and tube compliment would be helpful. Joe

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