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Philco Cda 44-121 Ident & Info Required
Hi Ron,

I posted my request on "" and Ken (Tarpawns) referred me to you.  I am looking for positive identity of the radio, where I can get the proper schematic, and other unit info to help me bring it back to life.

Original post:
I have a Philco console style radio probably build in the late 30s or early 40s by Philco Canada. The ID tag indicates Chassis Type 44 Code 121. When I look for info on the internet using this ID, the information I have found relates to Cathedral styles and not the proper chassis layout. When powered on it only hums and all tubes light up.

Items I would like:
When it was likely manufactured.
Tips on how to bring it back to life.

Pictures attached.


The chassis looks exactly equivalent to the US model 41-295 eleven tube as I have one. The cabinet appears to be 
equivalent to a US 41-316. (1941 model year) The Canadian model listing shows model 44's for 1941 & 1942.  Icon_smile
Welcome to the Phorum!! 

Ron has a listing of some Canadian models and their US equivalent here.  It doesn't, however, show an equivalent for either the 44AX (1941) or 44AXD (1942) but both were 11 tube chassis.  It may be a bit before Ron is back online but there are some other folks here with experience in Canadian sets who will likely chime in.
 As usual the service info posted on Nostalgia Air is borderline to useless. The reason being is that whilst they scanned them whoever posted them presumably tossed out the frames of reference, RCC sheets have a model year marked right on them such as 1938-39 or 1940-41 etc., but rather then just using the RCC sheets they put U.S Rider manual sheets in there. Them must have assumed that Philco of Canada models used the same system that they did in the U.S, well they did to a point but many numbers have a 3 marked in front of them like 39-3116, or 38-3116. I will have a look in the Radio College manuals for this model 44.
Welcome Aboard!  This is a beautiful radio.  Let's keep it that way by unpluging it and leaving unplugged until you have checked for and replaced any exposed wiring and all the capacitors.  Otherwise, you might be telling your friends about the radio that caught fire and shocked you.  There are hundreds of posts on the Phorum that will assist you in this endeavor, and many members who can help you if you are new to this.

Matthew 16:26 "For what does it profit a man if he gain the whole world, yet lose his own soul?"

Welcome. I have just compared the schematic of the Canadian 44 to the USA 41-300 and the chassis are basically the same, as other folks have mentioned. The cabinet is the same as the USA 41-315X and 41-316RX. I would call it the equivalent of the USA 41-315X because of the cabinet.

I only see one minor difference in the schematics of both: the suppressor grid of the first 7B7E (1st IF) tube connects to the AVC line - top of cap (31) instead of to ground in the USA version.

It is a 1941 model, apparently also offered in the 1942 season in Canada but not in the USA.

If Arran does not have the schematic, I think Just Radios sells Canadian radio schematics.

You could also order the 41-300 schematic from Chuck Schwark, which will have more complete info than the RCC manual has, just bearing in mind the slight difference in the circuitry mentioned above. Well worth the small fee charged.
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
Я этого не понимаю
(12-22-2014, 09:37 AM)Ron Ramirez Wrote: If Arran does not have the schematic...

  I really wish that I did have copies of the actual Philco Products of Canada manuals from those years, the only book I have is a 1939 book and a small collection of post war service folders for selected models. As for the U.S Models the only pre war one I don't have is for the 1938 models, but have everything from 1928-37. Fortunately most of the 1928-37 Philcos are the same as the U.S models, but from 1939-42 they tended to pare off  considerably, there were Canadian models that look a lot like U.S ones but the Canadian models were AC only whereas the U.S ones were AC/DC, and then you have the Tropic clones that were sold as domestic models.

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