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Philco Predicta J3406

I just purchased a 1959 Philco Predicta J3406. I've always wanted a Predicta tv and finally found one at an affordable price. I knew purchasing it would be a gamble and the owner was not sure of its working order. 

I hooked it up to an old DVD player and to my surprise I was able to get a picture and audio out of half the screen. However, that is the problem, I can only get half of the screen to show a picture. It also got a little burnt smelling so I shut it down. 

I was going to see if a local repair shop could look at, but I was wondering if the half screen issue was going to be an expensive or difficult fix. Any suggestions? Also any know a good repair shop in Richmond, Va?

Thank you for your time.
Half screen (you did not mention is it left/right of top/bot,) means either your hotiz or vert sweep is shot.
Good news is, your tube is ok and nothing major is probably hurt badly.
Recap us in order, then tubes check, then test, then alignments (many).

TV repair folks who still know how to align an analog set are in their 50s now, those who can do a tube set are in their 70s.
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Thanks for the info. It's the top of the screen. Any idea of how much it will cost to repair? I'll try to make some phone calls around town this week and see if I can track down a repair shop.
> I was wondering if the half screen issue was going to be an expensive or difficult fix.

Generally Predicta's are no fun to service! In order to get at the circuit board that has most of the components on it there is about 30 wires that have to be marked and disconnected and unsolder the circuit board from the metal chassis. The metal chassis blocks any access to the bottom of the board.
If it has never been serviced there will be 1/4" or so of dirt and all manner of crud on the top of the circuit board. It comes though the vent holes on the top of the cabinet. Typical issues, bad caps, resistors, horizontal /vertical intergraters, heat damaged tube sockets ect....
Wouldn't go in to it just thinking that it's a simple fix to have something that will give you reliable service.
I believe there is a guy who services them in Tennessee, many years ago he was getting $159 to service the chassis. I don't know anything about the quality of the work (good or otherwise) but he maybe be a good choice to get your set up and running properly.

Best of luck!
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Unless one of your local TV shops is run by an old timer, who has been in the business since the early 70s, or even earlier, the chances are that none of them will touch a Philco Predicta, or any other tubed chassis TV set. It sounds to me like the set has a problem in the vertical section, or at least that's the most obvious problem, although there are going to be others.  These are TVs that really need more then just a repair, they need a full restoration, not just the usual capacitor and resistor replacement but replacement of the networks which look like a ceramic rectangle with multiple legs. Tube sockets are another weak point in these, as mentioned, depending on how many hours are on the set, the socket contacts have a habit of breaking after tubes are pulled out and replaced multiple times. One of our members has restored probably a 1/2 dozen of the 1958-59 model Predicta chassis, but I don't think he is taking on any more at the moment since he bought himself a house.
Yes, that would be me. I have restored several Predictas and they do require some specialized skills and potentially hard to find parts. You didn't says what model you have. They 17" metal tabletops are more reliable and a little easier to work on.

The new house has consumed much of my free time but I do intend to get back into working on projects including Predictas eventually...
Good news I found a repair man and my Predicta is backup and running! 

It apparently needed the following:
Vertical Tubes & Linerity Capacitors 

I am however having an issue of the screen rolling every 5 seconds when hooked up to my vcr. He warned me this might happen because of MacroVision. Is their any device I can purchase to help fix the  5 second screen roll? 

There are lots of the old MacroVision black boxes left over from VCR days. Try searching "MacroVision decoder" or "MacroVision box" on ebay. That may help.

Here's one on Amazon that might do the trick.

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