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Phorum How-To #17: Mark Forums as Read
Quite simple, really...

If you visit one of the forums within the Phorum, read the threads you want to read, and then want to mark the rest as "read" all at once - proceed as follows:

Let's assume you are in Philco Home Radios.

Look close to the top of the page, to the right of where it reads Philco Home Radios and under the big Post Thread button.

Look for the Mark this forum read link (see below).


Click (tap) it.

You will then see this message:


The message will go away in a few seconds and you will be back on the main page of the forum you were in.

Please note that the following applies to desktop/laptop users only - it is not available to mobile users, sorry.

Now let's say you visit the Phorum but don't want to read any of the threads in any of the forums; you want to mark all of them as "read".

Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Phorum home page and look for the Mark All Forums Read link as shown below.


Click it, and then you will see this message:


In just a few seconds, the Phorum home page will reappear.
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
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