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Philco 46-350

I bought the schematics and production changes from Chuck Schwark they are to arrive to my POBox after it will take 2 to 3 days to arrive Mexico. In the mean time I'm working on a "philco battery" for this beatiful radio, I will take pics and I will share the result, hopefully this small project become success.

Frank Tovar
I hadn't shared anything because I had been busy these last days, but here we go... I got the schematics and during these last holidays I went to my hometown to visit an uncle that is electronic engineer but he was not available when i was there so I am still stuck with my radio ( still not working). Also I build a box that fits the battery section and it was made with a couple of BOSE speakers and a bluetooth amplifier, I made the box with wood and the result was not good enough. I will build it again and then if I am ok with the result I will share some pics. I got a new old radio (not philco it is NATIONAL) but it is interesting for restoration. Thanks for reading and I will continue my research to get my 46-350 work.
Frank Tovar
National Co from Mass?
They made a lot communications receivers from the 1920's thru the '80s
"Just because the microphone in front of you amplifies your voice around the world is no reason to think we have any more wisdom than we had when our voices could reach from one end of the bar to the other"     Ed Morrow


After checking my 46-360 and diagrams from chuck I found that radio comes a little bit differences and looks like it was modified as an 48-360, so I followed the troubleshoot steps in 48-360 service documents. To test section 2 I used and old LG MP3 player as audio frequency signal generator 


When I check in Test Point A I get sound with a choppy noise in the background, this sound maintains the same volume.

When I check in Test Point C I get clear music in speaker.

When I check in Testp Point D I get music with choppy speaker sound.

I am not sure if choppy sound (click) comes from C200 becasue in C point I dont get it in speaker, any thoughts ? 

Also I noticed something on Z300 component with PN P32-3970 when radio is on I can see something inside that lights in red I am not sure if that is ok

any thoughts ?

Francisco Tovar
Frank Tovar
My bad it is not a light, it is a red cable that I didn't noticed before, according to trouble-shooting procedure I need to check Z301 and R300 and C302.

Updates next week

Frank Tovar
These are exceptional performers, and if the cabinet is in good shape, attractive as well. I've eliminated the troublesome battery/AC switch and fixed a couple of these sets to run on AC only, eliminated the 117Z3, used a diode and dropper resistor instead to get B+ and filament string well within limits. Be careful so as not to blow out filaments!

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