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Model 70
Or, if Steve's (very generous) offer will take more time then you would like to wait, simply take a trimming cap (provided you have one as buying it will also take time) of maybe 20-40pF and solder it there.
People who do not drink, do not smoke, do not eat red meat will one day feel really stupid lying there and dying from nothing.
I was able to get screw out Now all I have to do is find a 4-40 brass screw..Local hardware store I hope..

I am certainly learning a lot by doing this Radio..

Caps came in so I can recap the Main cans.. They cleaned up really nice using Vinegar..

Thanks to all for all the offers ..Really appreciate it..

Was able to find a screw It fitted good and now back in business.. I hope.. Next is put Tuning Cap back in with new washers.. Then on to putting the Main Caps back in.. Parts did arrive for re-stuffing the caps.. Had ordered 6.8 uf at 630 Volt..

Ok Tuning Cap back in.. Looks good. Caps back in.. Working on putting the power Transformer back in.. Almost done with that.. Then I have to install the replacement Output Transformer on the Speaker.. Then on to power up..

So getting there...

OK,, I forgot about Speaker.. I think I have a bad Transformer.. I will double check.. But how do you get the transformer off??

I would assume drilling the rivets  But Not really sure how to do that with out damaging the speaker..



Skip, you need some sort of a stop on your drill bit, either a collar or a piece of tubing slipped over the bit that will not let the bit go through and puncture the cone. The only other safe way, would be to remove the cone.

M R Radios   C M Tubes
You could also use a drill bit that is larger than the rivet. Proceed slowly until the head of the rivet is removed, and then the transformer should lift off. The remainder of the rivet can then be pulled out of the speaker frame

Of course you, must plan to replace the fastener when reattaching the transformer.. Check to see that you can get a screw and or nut into the space beneath the speaker frame without damaging the cone. 

Best of luck,


You could also carefully grind the rivet heads off with a Dremel.

Steve D
What kind of bit would I use for that.. New to using a Dremel.. What would it look like..


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