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Next project: Western Air Patrol
Thanks for the very detailed post palegreenthumb.

I'll follow up on the leads - that's really helpful Icon_smile
I found some more info on-line. Grillecloth had a vague reference in one of their archives, and showed the correct lineup. I then searched and found Mallory repair guides online (I'll post the link when II find it again). Of those, one included the 388 set, indicated it has a 460 kHz I.F. and also control circuit and part details.

Back in the UK, I have a Riders manual. We're heading there next week so I'll pull it out and try some more detective work. It would be good to have more circuit info.

Quote:Aside: Truetone was the house brand of Western Auto Supply Co. (of Kansas City, KS).

Kansas City, Missouri. (How do I know? KCMO is my home town.)

Their old headquarters building has been turned into loft condominiums, and the building retains its landmark yuuge Western Auto sign on top.
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
Я этого не понимаю
Thanks, Ron! I appreciate the correction!

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