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Philco 40-130
I am receiving multiple stations and not sure where to look for a correction. Can anyone offer advise?
What does "receiving multiple stations" mean and why is it bad so it needs correction?
People who do not drink, do not smoke, do not eat red meat will one day feel really stupid lying there and dying from nothing.
LOL I'd have to agree, Mike. I'm usually pretty happy when I finish a set and it receives multiple stations! Icon_lol

Perhaps he meant it receives multiple stations but just on a small portion of the broadcast band?
Greg V.
West Bend, WI
Sorry for the confusion. I getting more than one station at he same time. I've since corrected he problem of getting a few stations at the same time but cannot get any broadcast station above 790 KC. Any suggestions?
I'm not the best troubleshooter but some more info might help out. Tell us what you've done with the set so far. Recapped? Aligned the set? Checked antenna loop?
Riders schematic link and Service Bulletin link.
Ah a serious response. I think I found my problem, an open oscillator coil. If once I rewind it, I still have problems , I'll answer your questions.
I rewound the oscillator coil. Got the resistances very close. I aligned it but still have simultaneous stations coming through and way of the their frequency. Previous to the oscillator coil, I found the RF coil open and rewound It. I changed all the paper and electrolytic caps. All of the tubes were replaced. I suspect something is bad in the oscillator section and checked the mica caps but they seem to be within tolerances. Has anyone repaired or restored this model?
I've restored both a 40-130 and the similar 40-145 and unfortunately (or fortunately) have not encountered the problem you are describing in either of them.

So after rewinding the OSC and RF coils, no change was noticed in the symptoms? It didn't get worse or better? Did you check over / clean your tuning capacitor? No bent fins? Did you replace the rubber mounts under it?

You may want to try different 7A8 & 7C7 tubes. Even though they're new they may still cause problems. Those Loctal sockets are prone to poor connections. Clean the sockets thoroughly and clean the tube pins too. I sometimes have to scrape the pins with a safety knife to get a good connection. They can develop corrosion just from sitting in the box if they're NOS.

You may have already done these things but just throwing them out there as things to try.
Greg V.
West Bend, WI
The initial problem was a static. After the coils , caps, etc. I encourage netted this other problem. I did clean the tuner and the fins look straight. I did not change the grommets but do intend to. The 7A8 did have noisy contacts at the pins. l I cleaned them as you have suggested and are solid now. I am ordering another 7A8 just to eliminate that as the problem. Funny you zeroed in on this tube because I put back the old tube and got no stations with it. Both tubes check ok on the tester. The other strange thing is the radio had a 7A5, rather than a 7B5 for the amplifier. I checked to see if it they were interchangeable but got an ambiguous answer. This makes me wonder why it was in there. Thanks for the tips.

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