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Philco 7052 Tube Tester
Hi, fellow vintage test equipment enthusiasts. I'm new and glad to be here.  Icon_cool
I would appreciate any help in locating any info for a schematic and or calibration instructions for a Philco 7052 tube tester. 
Would anyone know what tester is pretty close to it schematically speaking and if the Philco 9100 comes close?

The above link has the manual and schematic for the 7050
I don't know if it is close to the 7052 but it might help you.
Welcome to the Phorum!

Thanks for the recommendation, but the 7050 is an emission tester and the 7052 is a mutual conductance tester.
Thanks, Cheers to you as well.  Icon_smile
Try this one it looks like it has the schematic.
You will have to follow their instructions to down load the pages.
I appreciate all your help, but unfortunately, they had uploaded the one for the 7050 which is an emissions tester only, instead of a mutual conductance tester which is what the 7052 is. 

Thanks, for researching it.

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