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1937 Ford F-1442 Philco car radio
I'm working on a 1937 Ford car radio, model F-1442 and my manual for the radio does not seem to have any instructions for alignment. I need to know where to hook up the signal generator to align the radio. I can hear static through the speaker but so far no radio signals at all and I have been working replacing the old wax paper capacitors. I need to know which tube, and what pin I connect to, I am going to guess the number 78 tube at 260 KC but I want to verify that.
aligning steps: pagesbymodel/000/M0014000.pdf

you might have noticed in my reply to your other post that the URL doesn't come thru correctly. use the one above but REMOVE the spaces between / and pagesbymodel

if you still need a signal generator, search ebay using Vintage Heathkit Signal Generator Model G-1 for the one there now.

ps now I see that the URLs work if you click on them. but [obviously] not if you copy and paste. shoulda known/remembered.

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