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Parts Resources, Arranged in Alphabetical Order

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All Unique - Reflocking Service - Electrostatically re-flocks phonograph platters to original or custom colors. The result is a "like new" platter with 1/32" rayon or nylon flocking.

Antique Electronic Supply - Offers several parts for both the vintage radio collector and the vintage guitar amp enthusiast.

Antique Radio Knobs - Old-Time Replications - Reproduction Philco escutcheons (dial bezels), knobs and pushbuttons. Their reproductions are of excellent quality. They also sell reproduction 1941 and 1942 Philco escutcheons. The reproductions look just like the original. Please note that the reproduction escutcheons do not include the brass strip just above the knob holes. Use the brass strip from your original escutcheon. Their 1941 escutcheon fits the following models: 41-250, 41-255, 41-256, 41-280, 41-285, 41-287, 41-290, 41-296, 41-610 and 41-611. And their 1942 escutcheon fits the following: 42-355, 42-380, and 42-390.

You may contact him at: Old-Time Replications, 5744 Tobias Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91411. (818) 786-2500. Fax: (818) 909-0241

Arizona Tube Supply - Tubes for vintage radios.

The Audiophool Page - Philco Service Bulletins - Free downloads of Philco service bulletins in DJVU format. - Repair/restoration of auto and home radios, located in Shelton, WA.

Bob's Antique Radios & Electronics - Capacitors, AC power cords, and other items for the vintage radio restorer.

Bob Dobush - - Tubes for vintage radios.

Circuit Specialists - Soldering Stations - Large selection of soldering stations. They also sell test equipment and other electronic parts and supplies.

C.R.a.F.T. Antique Service - Located in Michigan. Offering repair and restoration of furniture, guitars...and radios.

Dale's Antique Radio Repair - Radio repair service located in Greenville, Texas.

David Frush - Selling original and NOS knobs, including many for Philco sets.

Don Patterson - Replacement rubber tuning condenser grommets for Models 70, 90, and other similar Philcos made between 1931 and 1936 are available from Don Patterson. These will raise the tuning condenser back to its proper height, and they mount in the same manner as the originals.

Encore Home Video - Popular video featuring footage of the PHILCO factory shot in 1929. Available in VHS and DVD formats from Encore Home Video. Also see their many other video offerings.

50's - Repair of 1959-60 Philco Predicta television sets

Garage'A Records - Phonograph parts, cartridges, needles/styli, etc.

George Epple - Magnetic Cartridge Rebuilding - Rebuilds 1920's through 1940's horseshoe magnet pickups and others. Specializing in Philco, Victor, RCA, Wurlitzer, Edison, Capehart, Majestic, Columbia, Seeburg, Brunswick, HMV, Sparton, etc. Fabricates custom rubber components as required and uses an industrial magnet charger.

Heyboer Transformers - Heyboer can construct a new transformer to your specifications. Excellent quality, reasonable prices.

Jackson Speaker Service - Speaker Reconing by Ron McGee. Contact him at Jackson Speaker Service, 3921 Pine Crest Court, Jackson, MI 49203 or call (517) 789-6400.

Jim Koehler Antique Radio Repair Service - Located in Freeport, NY

John & Jean Antique Radio - Located in Leo, IN (near Fort Wayne)

John Kendall's Vintage Electronics - The Radio Junkyard - Used parts for vintage radios.

Julie McCall - Original knobs for Philco and other radios.

Just Radios - Offering capacitors, resistors, and other items for the vintage radio collector.

Kelton Trammell - Original knobs for Philco and other radios.

Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts - Offers silkscreened translucent dial scales as well as replacements for glass dial scales. Mark is the "King of Controls" and can help you with nearly any potentiometer. He also sells a number of other radio parts.

Mark Palmquist - Retro Radio Repair - Offers custom-made reproduction plastic dial covers for vintage radios including many Philcos. A complete list of his dial covers may be found here.

Merry Tunes Antique Radios and Parts - They have several different patterns of cloth; not very many Philco patterns, though.

Michael Schwartzman- Cabinet Refinishing and Radio Repair/Restoration. Offers complete refinishing and repair of cabinets for vintage radios as well as electronic restoration.

Michele's Mystery Control Demystifier - A Web page showing seven different videos of the Philco Mystery Control in action.

Mike Koste - Gobs of Knobs - Original knobs for all vintage radios.

Mike's Manuals - Specializing in out-of-print service manuals.

Mouser Electronics - They carry a wide selection of electronic parts, including some that are usable in vintage radios.

Nostalgia Air - Online schematics from Rider's Manuals, available for free download.

The Philco Repair Bench - Featuring a number of online resources for the Philco collector not found on this site. It is especially geared toward the do-it-yourself collector interested in restoring his or her own Philco.

Play Things of Past - Used parts for vintage radios.

Radio Daze - Offers a large selection of parts for the vintage radio collector.

Radio Era Archives - Schematics, manuals, CD/DVD publications, and much more.

Renovated Radios - Offering reproduction rubber mounts, reproduction knobs, and other parts for vintage radios.

Retro-Tronics is offering laser cut reproduction backs for many Philco models, as well as reproduction backs for other radio models.

Richmond Designs, Inc. - Quality cabinet refinishing, restoration, and duplication of vintage radio cabinet parts and complete wood cabinets. Also carries a few patterns of radio grille cloth!

Rick's Antique Radios - Antique radio repair and restoration, located near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Sal's Capacitor Corner - Axial and radial film capacitors, X2 and Y2 AC safety caps, and electrolytic capacitors. Very good prices.

The Speaker Shop - Vintage and Antique Speaker Repair and Recone Services, located in North Lima, Ohio.

Steve Davis - Offering reproduction Philco cathedral cabinets for popular 1932-34 Philco models, as well as reproduction bottom molding for 1931-34 Philco cathedral models and reproduction speaker bolts for 1932-36 Philcos. All are of the highest quality. Complete reproduction cabinets are marked as reproduction. View a complete listing of what Steve offers for sale.

Sid Chaplin - Traditional Radio Grilles - A seller of grille cloth in the UK.

Sound Remedy - Loudspeaker repair service, located in New Jersey.

Speaker Fabric Supply - Several generic cloth patterns, no specific Philco cloth patterns.

Sundial Wire - cloth-covered wire in many styles, colors and gauges. They also sell AC plugs.

Texas Vintage Audio - Repair of radios and vintage tube amplifiers, located in San Angelo, Texas - Located in Dallas, TX. Restoration of furniture including wood vintage radio cabinets.

Triode Electronics - Tubes and other parts. - Seller of vacuum tubes.

Utah Reconers - Matt Sheldon, 7120 Camelot Way, West Jordan, Utah 84084 or call 801-694-0166.

Vacuum Tubes, Inc. - Tubes for vintage radios. They also sell capacitors, ballast tubes, delay relays, dial lamps and tube testers.

V-M Audio Enthusiasts - offers needles and cartridges for all brands of record changers as well as idler wheels/rebuilding service and belts for all brands including Philco/V-M tape recorders and Philco-Ford/V-M record changers. Service literature and Owner's Manuals for V-M products, record care and accessories. V-M Factory Replacement service parts for V-M products. It is THE premier site for V-M information and help.

Vintage Radio - Tony Cerasin, 900 Crestview Dr., Newberg, Oregon 97132 or call 503-538-2392. Specializing in vintage/antique speakers.

Vintage Sounds Houston - Repair/restoration of radios, phonographs, telephones, music boxes and more!

West-Tech Services - Offers many services such as rebuilding phonograph cartridges, microphone repair, repair of crystal headsets, dial covers, and more! 615 Fairground St., Caldwell, Ohio 43724. Phone: 740-732-6056 - Send Email

Wilbur Gilroy - Used Radio Parts & Accessories - All kinds of used parts for vintage radios.