Do it yourself Photo finish

Written by Stewart Schooley, compiled by Patrick Franzis

Ink Jet printers—Oil Paints

This works for all wood colors.

This is simple to do. You adjust the color of an ink jet print so that saturation is reduced and you have high contrast between dark colors and lights. Then you apply thin oil paint toners over them with a rag or brush. Wet the paper with paint thinner first and let it soak in for a couple minutes.

It is better to rub two thin oil paint toners over the print instead of one heavy coat.

You can accent grain lines and burl spots with color pencils over the toner.

NOTE- COLOR COPIER PRINTS. If you are going to use your DIY print to get a color copier print, you can speed up your time considerably when adding toners.. Follow the directions in the Oil Paint/Black and White Prints section.

Apply oil paint toners