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Philco Radio Set Index

We have put together a complete index of every Philco home radio produced in the United States between June 1928, when the first Philco radios went on the market, and March 1942 when civilian production of radios was brought to a halt for the duration of World War II.

This index also includes some Philco accessories such as clock timers, tables, bookcases, etc.

It does not include Radiobars as these were built by the Radiobar Corporation of America, an independent company which used Philco chassis in its products. No information is currently available on Radiobar products other than that noted in this site's History section.

It does not include auto radios; you will find these listed on the Auto Radios page in this site.

Also, this index does not include Philco models produced outside the United States. Separate indices are available for Philcos made in Canada and Australia; these are available in the Outside the USA section of this website.

Hopefully this index, in conjunction with the Philco Radio Gallery, will be of help to you in identifying a particular Philco set.

The index is in Adobe PDF format. You will need the Adobe Reader to view it.

View the Philco Radio Set Index.