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Online Schematics

NOTE: This page is under construction. Better schematics with parts lists will be presented here in the near future.

Here we present certain older Philco schematics which did not originally have parts values marked on them. Our schematics have the parts values added!

Please note: Each schematic is a large JPG file. When clicking on a certain schematic, please be patient while it downloads.

Model 4
Model 14 (early)
Model 15
Model 20 (early)
Model 20 (late)
Model 21
Model 30
Model 35
Model 36
Model 37
Model 40
Model 41
Model 43
Model 46
Model 47
Model 50
Model 51
Model 52
Model 53
Model 54
Model 57
Model 58
Model 65
Model 70 (early)
Model 70 (late)
Model 71
Model 76
Model 77
Model 80
Model 80-A (Canadian)
Model 81
Model 84
Model 86
Model 87
Model 90 (2-45 tubes)
Model 90 (1-47 tube)
Model 90 (2-47 tubes)
Model 91 (early)
Model 91 (late, two band)
Model 95 (early)
Model 95 (late)
Model 96
Model 111
Model 112 (early)
Model 112 (late)
Model 116PX
Model 296
Model 470
Model 490
Model 511 Series
Model 551 Colonial Clock

Note: For Model 19, please see this page which includes eleven different Model 19 schematics.
For Model 60, please see this page which includes eight different Model 60 schematics.
And for Model 89, please see this page which includes ten different Model 89 schematics.

Where can I obtain schematics for Philco models not listed above?

Nostalgia Air (online schematics from Rider's Manuals, available for free download) (copies of Philco service bulletins in DjVu format - requires IrfanView or one of the other DjVu viewers available on the Web)

Photocopies of schematics are also available from the following suppliers for a reasonable fee:
The Philco Repair Bench
Just Radios (American, Canadian and European schematics)

How can I print these schematics?

Choose the schematic you want above.

Right-click on the schematic listing you need above, choose Save Target As, and save it to a folder on your hard drive.

After downloading the schematic, open your computer's photo editing software.

Photo editing software varies; let's use Paint Shop Pro as an example. Open the schematic in your photo editing software, then choose File, Print Preview.

In the Setup tab, set the picture so that it covers the entire page, centered, while maintaining the same aspect ratio.

Now print the schematic.

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