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Philco in Australia

Philco did not have a presence in Australia until 1936, at which time a local firm, the Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company (EMMCO) was licensed to build radios under the Philco name.

A Sampling of Philco Radios produced in Australia

Note: I would be very interested in showing more photos of Philco radios made in Australia. However, I need your help to do this. If you would like to share photos of Australian-built Philco radios on this page, please contact me for more information. Thank you!

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Philco (Australia) Set Index

A listing of Philco Home Radio Receivers built in Australia, 1936-1941 is available here. All of these radios were sold by Philco Radio & Television Corporation (Australia) Pty. Ltd., Joynton Avenue, Waterloo, N.S.W. The sets were built by Electricity Meter Manufacturing Company (EMMCO), Sydney, N.S.W., under license from Philco Radio & Television Corporation (USA).

View the Philco Radio Set Index for Australian models, 1936-1941.

Many thanks to Kevin Chant for furnishing the information to make this Set Index possible.