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labels for push buttons....presets???
Again, this is for my 41-608....above the push buttons, there are suppose to be labels...does anyone know what kind of labels went there??? Was it preset labels for stations?? Thanks again to anyone who can help me! 8)
They were radio station identifiers, you can see them on Ebay from time to time and there are some hints on how to reproduce them. If my son hadn't download a virus onto my pc I would scan some for you to use.
Thank you for the info. I will keep my eyes open and do some checking around on the internet. Thanks again! 8)
Let me know some local stations and how many tabs you need and I can see if I have those stations tabs in a set that I picked up on ebay. My Radio only has 8 buttons and the set covers most of the stations that were available in 1940-1942 so I have a few to spare.
I have a whole 6-sheet set at home scanned and ready to go. Will get back here later this evening. I believe the 1941 and 42 sets were same dimensions.
Chuck to the rescue!!! I have since starting using a laptop and keep it away from my son. He likes going to game cheat sites and ends up downloading not only cheats but other not so good stuff.

Please, I need your email address to send you the pdf file.

If you do not want to expose it here, just email me so I can reply with the file.

As you know, Jenny, the button at far left is your off-on switch; it had an OFF-ON tab above it. The other seven holes will hold station call letter tabs for the preset stations you wish to have there.
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
Я этого не понимаю
The tab sheets have the ON-OFF labels as well as PHONO and others and blanks to fill in unused buttons. Icon_smile
Yes, I know...just thought I'd mention it, that's all. I'm probably going to make up some of my own on the computer for my 41-300; I have set one button to AM 740 in Toronto, a frequency that is occupied in the daytime by a station in Olney, Illinois, about 50-60 miles away. I want to make a custom tab showing the call letters of both stations for that particular tab.
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
Я этого не понимаю
I had to cut-N-paste in some of the missing tabs on the set
I have to make a "complete" set again - stealing letters
and pairs of letters to re-create the MIA tabs.

Here is a thumbnail of one of the sheets.


Looked thru White's and other station databases to confirm
missing call letters in 1940-42 era. Made easy by the fact
that the sheet is in alphabetical order. Icon_wink
Those call letter sheets are great. Many thanks to Chuck for my electronic copy.

I messed around with the last sheet a little bit; the results are shown below:


The "WSON" tab that matches the others is a "cut and paste" using letters from other tabs; WSON didn't go on the air until December 17, 1941. The other one was done using a font on my computer, as was the one with two different call letters (WVLN & CHWO). I'm not satisfied with the font on the tab with two call letters and plan to experiment further before printing and using them.
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
Я этого не понимаю
Just a quick update and FYI on the Philco bushbutton tab sheet.

The set I scanned, Part No. 40-6663 (Tab Kit) is from Model 42-380.

This same Tab Kit is also used on these 1942 pushbutton sets:

42-355, 42-390, 42-395, 42-1010, 1011, 1012 and 1013.

A different Tab Kit, (40-6660) is used on the 42-350, 42-1008, 42-1009, and 42-365. I do not know if the tab size is different.

The model 42-400 uses, yet again, a different Tab Kit - 40-6673. Tab size again is unknown to me.

Looks like 2006 will be a Philco Research Year for pushbuttons... Icon_biggrin
Chuck I have a call letter sheet that I picked up I will check what it is and let you know. If it is a package that you don't have I will send it to you so that you can scan it like you have the other sets, I don't think many tabs are missing so as soon as I find it I will email you.
Is it just one sheet? The usual Tab Kit package was multiple sheets, consisting of 800-900 stations, plus extra legends.

Is there a 40-xxxx part number on the envelope?

What about a 27-xxxx-x part number on the sheet itself?

Do you know what Philco model is it from?

I can re-create the missing station tabs from the sheet.

Sorry to play 20-Questions... :-)

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