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Philco Cabinet Radio Turntable and 8 Track
Found this little treasure but unable to find any information on it!? Radio works, turntable turns but needs new needle, and I haven't found an 8- Track to try!! Any information about my wonderful find is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!!

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Hi and welcome to the Phorum,
Your little gem dates from 1976 and the technical info can be found in Sams Photofact #1604-3. Generally the Philco sets we discuss are a bit older late 20's thru early 60's. Not that it's a problem or anything but by the 1970's a lot of electronics were being built overseas and the information can be a bit sparse. Gosh has really been 41yrs since the Bicentennial?? Seems like it was yesterday!

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Moved here since it is a stereo system.

Hi windeaq and welcome!
Ron Ramirez
Ferdinand, IN
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Midcentury modern.....I am not even sure it was made by Philco here in the US, plus the Philco was not really Philco anymore by that time.
But if this gets you into Hi-Fi and interested in Philco which was a great company in its time, that would be wonderful.

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Looks like that stereo was built by Sylvania in Batavia NY, so it is US made. I once had a Sylvania colorTV built there.

Both Sylvania and the Philco consumer brand were owned by General Telephone and Electronics (GTE) in the 1970's, so it makes sense that Philco products were made at the same factory.

Visited Batavia years ago and found the old Sylvania plant. Building is still there with a different occupant. Locals I spoke to still remember working for Sylvania, building TV sets in the 1960's and 70's.
Thank You Very Much!! Super Excited Now!!
8-tracks still have quite the cult following. We have record shops and vintage shops here that usually have some sitting around. Hopefully you get to fire it up soon.

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I had a very similar model a number of years ago... Had to replace the belt for the 8track, and also had to clean the switches and such, easy fixes and sounded pretty good for what it was  Icon_biggrin
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