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Do it yourself Photo finish

Written by Stewart Schooley, compiled by Patrick Franzis


This information is dedicated to those who have a limited budget for their radio hobby, can afford few quality radios, aren't in this hobby as a business, can't have smelly chemicals in the house, don't want to pay for veneer for cheap radios, don't have a high-powered editing program like Photoshop, don't have an Epson printer with Dura-Brite inks, but would like to rescue a photo finish beater that otherwise, you would not bother with.

Philco 37-600 with poor photofinish Philco 37-600 with a good orignal photofinished front panel

Pictured above, A Philco radio with damaged photo-finish, one with original photo finish. Photo finish refers to a thin layer of paper with the wood grain printed on. Many times this finish is damaged or is removed when refinishing.